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Tennis West is more than eighty homes in the El Paso upper valley. Our community residents have chosen to live in an environment that is unique in El Paso. Please enjoy and participate in the spirit of community that prevails in our neighborhood.
Visit the website of our friends at the Tennis West Sports and Racquet Club.
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~ News ~
SCAM IRS Impersonators
Posted on Nov 17th, 2015 Comments (0)
DATE 11/17/2015                                                                     NEWS RELEASE
SCAM IRS Impersonators
EL PASO, TEXAS: A trend is emerging where thieves posing as IRS agents are calling citizens in the El Paso area to scam citizens of their money.  In this recent trend calls are originating from the (360) area code, and thieves are identifying themselves as IRS Agents offering potential victims a last chance opportunity to pay outstanding back taxes.  Pressure tactics are then exerted upon the potential victims with threats of immediate arrest, seizure of assets, and the suspension of their driver’s license. Any hesitation on the part of the citizen is sternly rebuked with a warning of an arrest warrant being issued.  Cooperative victims wishing to comply to avoid those consequences are then transferred to the “accounting department” where arrangements for payment are made.  Do not fall victim to this scam, immediately hang up on those type of calls and verify the information through legitimate sources.  Further information on Tax SCAMS can be obtained by visiting the IRS website or calling the local IRS office.
I-10 Construction Challenges
Posted on Nov 12th, 2015 Comments (0)
The first major traffic pattern switch for the Border West Expressway project was completed.
We are happy to report we finished 12 hours earlier than anticipated.  These closures are necessary in order for us to build the new expressway as well as the extension of Doniphan Road and to demolish existing infrastructure.
The following traffic changes will be in effect until further notice (Approximately 12 months until November 2016):
•       There will be only one lane of traffic in each direction on Paisano Drive (US 85) between Racetrack Drive and Executive Boulevard
•       There will be NO access to Paisano Drive (US 85) eastbound from Racetrack Drive
•       McNutt Road is closed eastbound and westbound from the New Mexico State line to Paisano Drive (US 85)
•       The speed limit in this area will be 35 mph
Board Resignation
Posted on Oct 31st, 2015 Comments (0)
John Price, a long time community resident and Board member has resigned from the Board.  He purchased a new home in the community across the street from Tennis West and will be moving soon.  He has been replaced by Cynthia Taylor, who has served on the Board in the past.  She will complete John's term which started in January of this year.  Thanks John for everything that you have done to support Tennis West and a big welcome to Cynthia Taylor!
El Paso Police Visit Community
Posted on Oct 31st, 2015 Comments (0)
At the request of the Board, the El Paso Police Department PAR(Police Area Representative) addressed a gathering of 15 community residents regarding the recent issue of a peeping tom in the community. The officer felt that it may have been related to the incident in Hunter's Green.  He provided those who attended some great safety tips and recommended that we restart our Neighborhood Watch.  Those present liked the idea so the officer will be providing us with additional information.

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~ Upcoming Events ~
Tennis West HOA Board Meeting
Tuesday, November 17th to Wednesday, December 16th, 6:00 PM at Tennis West Clubhouse
The Tennis West HOA will hold its next meeting Tuesday, December 15th, 6:00 PM at the home of Board President, Gus Rodriguez.  Contact Hiett for information.  All community residents are welcomed to attend.  Please make sure that you sign in if you would like to address the Board
Board Community Walk
Tuesday, November 17th to Saturday, December 12th, 8:00 AM at Tennis West Guard Booth
Join the Board for its next monthly community walk, Saturday, December 12th.  During the walk, areas of concern in the community will be identified.  The walked will begin at 8:00 AM starting at the Tennis West Guard Booth.  All are welcomed to attend.

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