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Tennis West is more than eighty homes in the El Paso upper valley. Our community residents have chosen to live in an environment that is unique in El Paso. Please enjoy and participate in the spirit of community that prevails in our neighborhood.
Visit the website of our friends at the Tennis West Sports and Racquet Club.
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~ News ~
Posted on Apr 25th, 2017 Comments (0)
Recently, a community resident, took it upon themselves to place flyers on the windshields of Tennis West Club members.  Speaking in the name of the Tennis West community, the flyer informed the car owner that they were not supposed to be parking in our community.  The Board agrees that many people park in Tennis West when there are events at the Club.  The challenge is that Tennis West streets are the property of the City of El Paso and therefore public.  Furthermore, the flyer used profanity and rude language to communicate there concern.  It is the tone that the Board finds offensive.  We would ask that all our residents, try and use restraint when training to bring attention to the public.
2017 Board of Directors Goals
Posted on Mar 9th, 2017 Comments (0)
2017 Board Goals
Develop a three year plan to refurbish sprinkler systems throughout the community;
Continue with three year pruning plan;
Improve relationships with estate owners and residents;
Maintain lakes.
Architectural Committee Plan for 2017
Continue to enforce current policy to reestablish the original look in the community;
Work with residents to allow them to update their homes while still keeping the traditional look of Tennis West.
Lake Committee Plan for 2017
Maintain clean lakes by raking dead leaves and removing debris from lake edges at least once weekly;
Maintain high aeration of all lakes especially Swan Lake;
Maintain high water levels and volume pressure to flush clean water into all lakes;
Add Cutrine-plus into Swan Lake and other lakes as needed;
Maintain healthy bottom feeder fish population;
Explore the possibility of placing a well at Swan Lake.
Landscape Committee Plan for 2017
Remove dead trees and prune as many as possible;
Maintain landscape of Swan Lake;
Begin work on sprinkler system (Three Year Project); 
Remove grass; add plants and place rock where needed.
Looking to the Future
It was determined by the Board that there will be an extra month assessment to address the following issues:
Continue with tree pruning;
Continue to repair sprinkler valves, which will also help cut back on water usage. Use of fertilizer and pre-emergence to be continued;
Hire summer help.

~ Message Board ~
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~ Upcoming Events ~
Community Walk
Saturday, May 13th, 8:00 AM at Tennis West Guardhouse
Please join the Board for its monthly community walk on Saturday, May 13, 8:00 AM at the Tennis West Guard House.  The Board will be identifying the areas of concern that need to be addressed.
Tennis West HOA Board of Directors Meeting
Tuesday, May 16th, 6:00 PM at Billy Crews
Please join the Board for its monthly meeting.  The meeting will be Tuesday, May 16, 6:00 PM at Billy Crews.  If there is a concern that you want addressed with the Board, please contact Hiett, Pharr and Associates so you can be placed on the agenda.

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