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Tennis West is more than eighty homes in the El Paso upper valley. Our community residents have chosen to live in an environment that is unique in El Paso. Please enjoy and participate in the spirit of community that prevails in our neighborhood.
Visit the website of our friends at the Tennis West Sports and Racquet Club.
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~ News ~
Ask First
Posted on Apr 20th, 2016 Comments (0)
Covenants are created to maintain the value of the home.  It is always best if you ask the Board before you start painting or planting or removing plants in the common area.  With all of us working together, we will make sure that the value of your home is maintained.  
Phone Scam Attempts to Extort Money
Posted on Apr 15th, 2016 Comments (0)
EL PASO, TEXAS: The El Paso Police Department is issuing an alert on a trending phone scam whereby callers are attempting to extort money from victims caught off-guard.  When a potential victim answers the phone, the callers immediately demand a ransom for a family member supposedly being held hostage. In the background are the distressed voices from the supposed hostage (s) asking for the demands to be met.  As like most phone scams this is not new but a recurring trend that is recently reemerging. The originating phone numbers are from various area codes in the US and Mexico.  The callers provide generally vague information about their “hostage” but victims caught off guard in a panic may unwittingly provide useful information to the caller.  Do not answer phone calls from unrecognized area codes, especially international calls.  Do Not provide any information to the callers.  These type of scams may typically target an area for several weeks.
Thieves posing as El Paso Electric Contractors
Posted on Apr 15th, 2016 Comments (0)
EL PASO, TEXAS: Thieves exploiting recent unfortunate events are posing as contract El Paso Electric tree trimming service employees to enter homes and steal property. Residents are told that access to their backyard is needed in order to trim branches away from powerlines.  One of the thieves distracts the unsuspecting resident while another enters the home to steal valuables.  Detectives investigating these cases are asking anyone that may have information to call 212-0208.  El Paso Electric has provided the below recommendations as a public service announcement:
Here are a few tips to avoid this scam:
•    Never give money to anyone you don’t know, no matter what kind of uniform they have on.
•    Never provide personal information (date-of-birth, banking information, ID numbers) to people you do not know.
•    Verify the individual has a logo on their uniform, work clothes and vehicle that you recognize. If in doubt, do not let them into your home or leave any doors unlocked.
•    Speak to people who come to your door through the screen if you are unsure what their business is, and check to make sure they represent a real and trustworthy outfit.
•    A reliable service provider is always happy to answer questions about their organization.
•    EPE and its contractors will always provide you with contact information you feel you need to verify the service, and they will wait. EPE’s tree trimming contractors will never ask to enter a home.
•    If there is any question about the authenticity of anyone claiming to represent EPE or a contractor, they should contact EPE directly at (915) 543-5970. 
Here is the most commonly reported tactic:
1. Someone rings the doorbell and claims that they are from a local utility, city, or from a local tree company.
2. This person claims to be trimming trees in the area and has noticed that the tree in your backyard appears too close to a power line.
3 They request that the customer come out to the back yard to supervise this operation, where one con artist distracts the resident by having them fill out a form or perform some task.
4. While the resident is outside and distracted, another individual enters through another open door and searches the house, stealing cash, jewelry, and valuables.

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~ Upcoming Events ~
Community Walk
Saturday, May 14th to Sunday, May 15th, 8:00 AM at Tennis West Guard House
The community is welcomed to join the Board for its monthly community walk.  The walk begins Saturday, May 14th 8:00 AM at the Tennis West Guard House.  Areas of concern within the community are addressed during the walk to present to the full Board at the next Board meeting.
Monthly Board of Directors Meeting
Tuesday, May 17th to Wednesday, May 18th, 6:00 PM at Tennis West Clubhouse
Join the Board for its monthly meeting on Tuesday, May 17th, 6:00 PM at the Tennis West Club House.  All community residents are welcomed to attend.  If you wish to address the Board please make sure to sign in.

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