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Tennis West is more than eighty homes in the El Paso upper valley. Our community residents have chosen to live in an environment that is unique in El Paso. Please enjoy and participate in the spirit of community that prevails in our neighborhood.
Visit the website of our friends at the Tennis West Sports and Racquet Club.
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~ News ~
New Meeting Location
Posted on Feb 15th, 2017 Comments (0)
For years,, the Tennis West Home Owners Association was allowed to use the Club House for meetings.  The new restaurant owners have asked that we pay a $150 fee to use the club.  For this reason, all future meetings of the Tennis West Homeowners Association will be held at Billy Crews, who will not charge us for the use of the room.  Thanks Billy Crews!
Newletter from the El Paso Police Department
Posted on Jan 6th, 2017 Comments (0)
The first step in fighting crime is preventing it.  If you have ever been burglarized or have known a friend or neighbor that has been, you know how traumatizing it can be.  There are several strategies you can use to deter criminals from targeting your house.
1.  Join a neighborhood watch program in your area. This will help everyone know who you are and for you to know who lives near you.  If one doesn’t exist, start one. Hold block parties and invite everyone so you can meet and greet the neighbors. If you know a family member who is interested in starting a neighborhood watch group on the Westside pass along this information and have them contact our office.
2.  Lock your doors and windows.  This simple but effective tip can be the difference of someone gaining entrance into your house or leaving it alone.
3. Get an alarm system.  No burglar wants to hear the sound of an alarm. Not only will the burglar be alarmed but it will also alert anyone within earshot. For more information, log into the city website (elpasotexas.gov)
4.  Also make sure you post your security sign in plain sight so everyone can see you have a security system installed.
5.  Install motion sensor lights for nighttime around your house. This will alert you and neighbors to activity that shouldn’t be there.
6.  If you come home late at night, take a second to look around.   Be aware of what is around you and report anything that seems unusual.
7.  Deny burglars a place to hide by keeping grass and shrubs trimmed and debris cleared away from your property.
These are just a few tips in preventing criminal activity in your neighborhood. Be responsible and be safe by knowing how to protect yourself and your community.
Security Lighting (Part I)
Security lighting provides a level of illumination to clearly identify persons or objects (Large or small).  It also creates a psychological deterrent to criminal activity in the area being illuminated.  These areas include parking lots, easements, driveways, sidewalks, windows and doorways.
Ideally “GOOD LIGHTING” is a system that reproduces daylight.  It creates high visibility and achieves it with minimal glare.  “Transitional lighting” provides a gradual light level change from a brightly lit area to dark area, which also helps identify persons or objects with ease, with citizens (witnesses) and law enforcement in mind.
Good Lighting is a cost-efficient deterrent to crime, but what is good lighting?  The lighting system must furnish high visibility and low glare.  One of the most critical problems to consider is that the evenness of outdoor light is more important than the absolute level (brightness).  
Too much lighting can actually be a hazard.  If resultant glare of brightness makes visibility difficult, it is hazardous because of the difficulty in seeing clearly in to the surrounding area.  When an individual leaves a brightly lit area and walks into a dark area, his/her vision is momentarily reduced and vulnerability increased.  This is true with businesses and with homes.   Do not create this environment as it does not deter crime, but actually encourages it.
Again, security lighting when done correctly provides a deterrent to criminal activity.  Remember high visibility with low glare is the best way to go. Stay safe!

~ Message Board ~
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~ Upcoming Events ~
Community Walk
Saturday, March 18th, 9:00 AM at Tennis West Guard House
Join members of the Board for their monthly community walk.  The walk begins Saturday, 9:00 AM at the Tennis West Guard House.  The walk is an opportunity to identify issues that need to be addressed in the community.
Tennis West Board of Directors Meeting
Tuesday, March 21st, 6:00 PM at Billy Crews
Please join us for the monthly Tennis West Board of Directors meeting Tuesday, March 21, 6:00 PM at the Billy Crews Restaurant. 

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